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About the Brand:

We realize the importance of having reliable energy sources in our daily lives, wherever we live, work, and play. Energy enables us to use our cellphones for business, leisure, or staying in touch with family, it enables us to heat and cool our homes, and it enables us to light our offices, to list just a few examples of energy applications. While the grid that supplies electricity to most of the world is generally reliable, we all experience the occasional power outage. And, there are vast areas of the world that are simply off the grid. The problems posed by imperfect and/or unavailable energy resources is what drives Power Practical's research and development. Energy independence is important for all of us. It's not something it is going to happen overnight, but we should all strive for it in our daily lives. To achieve real energy security, diversifying energy resources is key. To rely on a single resource in any situation is not a solution.

At Power Practical, our mission is to develop innovative, effictive, and affordable energy products, emphasising diversity in energy resources.