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About the Brand:

Two years ago (2008), Stefan and I decided to start our own business. Two days later we agreed to do some research on tents. We had just remembered an idea we talked about in 2003 during a surf trip in Portugal, while camping on the beach. We were exited about the idea but we wanted to keep our involvement low – wanted to treat our idea as some kind of a side project – it was not the last time, something turned out to work a lot differently.

After days of researching, drawing, brainstorming, and discussing, we identified different ideas and concepts we wanted to put to a reality check. Some turned out to be way too expensive, some just impossible to realize and others not reasonable enough to make a real difference to already existing products. After a very frustrating day of research there was just no idea left, none of them seamed to work. The project seemed to have reached its end before it actually started. One month of work for nothing? I called Stefan that day and presented the frustrating results, but he reacted very calm:

“Just relax, have a beer or two, we will find something that works.”

And we did. Thinking of all the ideas that failed worked like an idea blender. It was that night our idea of an inflatable tent started to appear and bornintents was born.
Now, 23 months later we past a lot of these difficult stages and we hope we learned something from every single one of them. One lesson we learned for sure: Never give up, there is always a solution and someone who knows it, sometimes you just have to travel further.
We now entered the final phase of our product development process. Stefan just arrived in China. He and our designers will now take care of the final steps.

Thank you all for your great support and helping us grow, we really appreciate it.

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Heimplanet - "The Wedge"
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Heimplanet - "The Cave"
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Heimplanet - "Mavericks"
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