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Between the polar vortex and snowpocalypses, winter 2014 is getting a bad rap. The sea and sun of the tropics are looking pretty sweet right now and thanks to cheap deals to the Caribbean on JetBlue, are financially feasible.

Dreaming of paradise but aren’t interested in the all-inclusive resort vacation? Camping is a great option.  Although it is not the most common way to experience paradise, it is a great way to recharge your batteries without breaking the bank.  All of the locations are less than $15 a night, and except for two rainforest options, less than a mile from the beach.  Call it destiny.

Some of the campsites offer amenities like kitchens or showers, while others are more rustic and require you to bring your own tent and camping equipment. If you are a bit squeamish about the great outdoors, a lot of the campgrounds also offer cabins with beds, so you can luxuriously experience the tranquility of nature.