Since 2010, Bite-Lite® of Connecticut has offered to the independent retailer its NATURAL Mosquito Repellent Candles as a fragrant and effective alternative to citronella-only and synthetic repelling candles. Sold by the case, our unique candles, stand out in customized displays, and have yielded high customer praise and high turnovers, because they: (1) smell great - with a fragrant blend of lemongrass and spearmint oils; (2) look great - with attractive label art and 5 styles (including 3 USA made soy candles); (3) are perfect to accessorize any outdoor occasion, from camping to weddings; (4) emit no smoke or soot; (5) are affordable with value added long burn times; (6) are 25b minimum risk pesticides that are legal in all 50 states; (7) have been proven effective in field studies showing an 84.1% reduction in attractancy to mosquito traps; (8) are sourced, blended, and tested by a family business specializing in customer support and quality control. - See more at: